Consulting and App Developement in Montréal

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Renaud Boisjoly

Over 30 years in the computing industry including 19 years at Apple. Obsessed by design in all senses of the word and in delivering the best experience to all types of audiences.
A key speaker in various venues, including the Montreal iPad Summit and many others across the country.
Renaud collaborated in the design and deployment of various 1:1 projects over the years and lately with the renewal of the Eastern Townships School Board’s mobility project.
Key areas of knowledge include technical subjects such as Mac and iOS programming but also pedagogical subjects such as classroom management, project-based and challenge-based strategies, and the essential difficulties of dealing with the realities of a classroom when integrating technology.
Strong believer in today’s youth he is working on such projects as CodingTeens an initiative to bring programming experience to young high school students in as constructivist a way as possible.

Also the CEO of
Intuitic, creators of Cogito, the school planner for iPad that is widely used in Quebec’s various 1:1 iPad projects.